Each of our products have been carefully designed and engineered. Our line has been built one product at a time, and we have been diligent in doing our product research to manufacture items that are easy to use and built to last. 

Our color selection is exceptional. The colors we use are very consistent from batch to batch, and are the most resistant to fading and bleeding that are available. We follow trends and monitor fads. We have found that to the retail customer, the color of the product and availability of matching accessories is the most common reason for making a purchase.

The plastic hardware used in our adjustable products is the Nexus brand acetal copolymer – the most reliable material available.

All of our 1” and 3/4” products are made with the same strong nylon webbing used to manufacture horse halters and other livestock restraint devices. Its measured strength is in excess of 6000 lbs. per inch. The 5/8” nylon used is the traditional weight for the pet industry, and our 1/2” and 3/8'' material is an extra-light weight ribbon quality material, perfect for smaller animals.

Our products are sewn together, not glued, with matching bonded nylon thread to prevent deterioration and seam failure. Each thread is tightly clipped to give our products a finely crafted look. To provide the best comfort for animals, each of our products is made with the seams to the outside wherever possible. The appearance of our products is the merchandising, making fancy packaging unnecessary. 

Each item we manufacture is tagged with a descriptive and bar-coded product tag. We save you money by using a very simple tagging system. 


We have found that people not only expect to pay more at an independent pet shop, but they expect to receive premium products and better service. We can provide you with the products that are unsurpassed in value, quality, and durability.

Back in the “Good Old Days“, by the time a product reached a store, 80% of the price was manufacturing and 20% was the cost of distribution. Statistics show that today, distribution costs are 80% and the manufacturing costs are 20% for each dollar of product. When doing business with our company, you are calling directly to the manufacturing facility. This allows us to process your order more quickly and thoroughly. We make it easy for you to order by our (800) phone/fax line, and available for order assistance weekdays between


Pacific Standard Time.