All orders will be shipped COD unless previous arrangements have been made. For those who establish an open account, a finance charge of 2% (24% per annum) will be charged an all accounts over 30 days.
In the event legal action becomes necessary to collect all or a portion of this account, it is understood that buyers shell be liable for all attorney fees, court costs, and collection fees incurred. A $30.00 bank charge will be applied for each returned check.
New accounts:
The minimum order for all new accounts is $275.00. This order will be shipped COD or payment in advance.
We will pay the freight on orders of $275.00 or more.
All claims for shortages must made within 5 days after delivery. We will not issue credit for goods returned without written permission. We will not accept merchandise after 30 days from the purchase invoice date.
All returned COD shipments would be subject to a 35% restocking fee plus shipping charges.