The story of Locatis | Washington founded and manufactured

Founded in 1990 we pride ourselves in only offering our product to independently owned pet, equine, and farm stores.  

We believe in local businesses because we are one.  

Leonard founded Locatis after a storied career in manufacturing.  He came from a engineering family, starting his career crafting leather English equestrian riding saddles.  Leonard had an eye for streamlining manufacturing processes and quickly moved up, running the manufacturing processes for a number of companies.  After moving to Washington, Leonard began working for a leather pet products company where he had many successes designing machines and manufacturing processes helping the company achieve great success.  After leaving that company Leonard wanted to use his knowledge and skills to grow his own company.  Thus began Locatis. 

Locatis has been a family operation from the beginning.  Leonard’s children helped run the company through the years and now the new owners Eric and Rebecca are continuing the tradition of a family run, locally owned company. 

Our products are handmade in Longview Washington.  We use top quality materials made in the USA whenever possible.

We are happy to offer Dog, Cat, Equine, and Livestock products including Collars, Leashes, Harness, Training and Grooming Aids, Halters, and Leads.  

We operate on a set of values, designed to help you, the small business, compete in an ever more complex market place. 

What are those Values? 

We only sell to Small Businesses

                       That means we don’t sell to big box stores

                       That means we don’t sell to mega online retailers like Amazon. 

What does that mean for you?  Less show rooming.  A more even playing field.  More opportunity to meet your customers’ needs and make a profit. 

Stand out and sell a quality product that is only sold in small businesses like yours.  No online and no big box stores. 


Hand Crafted in Longview Washington.  That’s right.  Everything we make, is made right here.  Nancy, Christy, and Angie make it all.  If you want, come on over and meet them.  There                aren’t many companies that you can do that with. 

We are a small team of 5.  When you buy from Locatis, you support us.  And we support our communities, and the small businesses in it.  You’re one of those small businesses.  Your customers get a top quality product that we stand behind.  If there is an issue with the product, we will take care of it. 

Warranty?  I like to say that if you feel it’s a warranty, it’s a warranty.  If your customers ever have an issue with our products, replace it, and we will get you a new one.  It is important that we are easy to work with and that you are quickly able to keep your customers happy.  No hoops to jump through.

No Order Minimum.  Speaking of hoops to jump through, we do not have an order minimum.  Need a single dog collar, a lead, or any of our other products?   We’ll get it to you!  We often run promos to help get you to order more, but that’s not really a hoop.  That’s an Incentive!  Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to get you and your customers taken care of. 

We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business. 


Thank you,

Eric, Nancy, Christy, Angie, and Kris.